A family project

Haugvik.no is a family project that offers a glimpse into the lives and roots of the Haugvik family, through photos, text, genealogy and much more.

We know that many members of our have a special interest in genealogy, and therefore we’d also include much ancestral information to this site. But as the maintenance and improvement of such a site is a continues process, we hope to encourage any family member, no matter what family branch, to contribute with feedback, facts and any other information that may be relevant for this project.

The big picture

Family is like branches on a tree, we all grow in a different direction, yet our roots remain as one!


The family – past and present

Though our ancestors can be traced many centuries back, the family name originates from the family farm “Haugvik” in Somna, Central/Northern Norway, and it can be dated back to the mid 1800’s.

Although our distant ancestors were mostly clerics and public service men, the Haugvik family has a long, rich history within farming and in the agriculture industry.

Today most of our family members are active within tourism, health care, energy, engineering, public service etc, but the farm is still runned by the family as a modern grain production facility.

Whilst family members are these days spread literarily far and wide throughout the world, our cultural significance is based upon family and its instinctive attitude is to be more in sympathy with a family than with institutions. In this regard the gathering of family and friends in Haugvik is a very important part of our family culture.

It is said that “nothing is so consistent as change”. We watch as our lives unfold year after year. We watch as our homes change, our jobs change, our hobbies and interests change, our circle of friends change. There are really only two things that is constant in our lives – our heritage and our family. It is for us to especially nurture these two aspects of our lives for they are with us forever.

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