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    Mitsubishi Electric, however, noted that it had cooperated fully with the Justice Department. «We accept the terms of the plea agreement and are now focused on moving forward,» said spokeswoman Cayce Blandard in an emailed statement.

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    The support for this proposition is twofold. In the first case, and particularly since last September, the Federal Reserve has pumped $85 billion a month into the bond markets. Doing so has driven bond prices higher and therefore, at least presumably, increased the flow of funds into equities. Once this spigot is turned off, it’s widely assumed that stock prices will respond in kind.

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    “Ultimately, what we want is a good outcome there. But there’s no doubt that, at this point, we’ve got to take a look and see what’s in the long-term interests of the Egyptian people? What’s in the long-term interests of the United States.”

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    Taking a page from the “Puppy Bowl” on Animal Planet, Hallmark is counter-programming with the “Kitten Bowl,” hoping to tap into the expansive cat-lover base during the halftime show, which will feature pop star Bruno Mars this year.

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    Construction and manufacturing rebounded from contraction in the first quarter, growing by 0.9pc and 0.4pc respectively. But, despite the upturn, manufacturing remains 10.2pc smaller than its peak level and construction is still down 16.2pc. The construction is currently no bigger than in the first three months of 2001.

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    The rupture on TransCanada’s 1.6 billion cubic foot per dayNorth Central Corridor pipeline occurred on Thursday in a remotearea about 140 kilometers (90 miles) west of Fort McMurray,Alberta and disrupted supplies for much of the day.

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    Monteith, who was dating the «Glee» leading actress Lea Michele for more than a year, had been staying at the hotel since July 6. Just a few hours before his death, the star tweeted about watching TV movie «Sharknado,» which was a huge hit on the Syfy network.

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    Alison Wolf, a professor at King’s College London, who proposed the change in her 2011 review of vocational education, said at the time that it was “scandalous” that half of 16-year-olds were leaving school without good GCSEs in English and maths.

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    GREENFIELD, Ind., Sept 20 (Reuters) – To understand why somany conservatives in Congress are willing to risk a governmentshutdown in their quest to cut spending and derail «Obamacare,»take a look at Indiana and the state’s crop of young Republicansin the U.S. House Representatives.

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    «Zac is our miracle,» the family’s Facebook posting said. «His spirit will always be among us. He changed all of our lives, brought us closer to God, strengthened our family and his story has touched people around the world.»

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    The company introduced a cheaper plastic iPhone last monthto help make up ground in emerging markets to rivals likeSamsung Electronics and Huawei Technologies. Analysts said the phone – still more expensive thanmany of its rivals’ models – was not cheap enough.

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    It trumped Bombardier for a $2.4 billion contract to buildcarriages for Britain’s Thameslink rail line, and Alstom went tocourt trying to block Eurostar from finalising a 600 millioneuro train order with Siemens.

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